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Latest Nigerian Songs – Good or Bad for Adolescents?

Today it seems so sad when older people playing music from various devices ranging from mobile phones to iPods. Why?

Regardless of gender, age, race, tribe or tongue, melodies sound composition never hears emotion; It is the great equalizer, the universal language of mankind. It is something that people agree with many differences. Music has always been a matter of energy, a strong resource problem. Gospel rap genre, the power of music cannot be high enough.


If Langston Hughes was still alive today, he will cry surely into the world of music. The commercial value of the music has its entertainment value in the shade. It seems so easy to sing these days, so simply that every Tom, Dick and Harry was listed as an artist, DJ, rappers or any way they considered suitable.

Hughes defines music as life, while today’s death. The “producer”, who should have the greatest influence due to the complexity of their socialization, are morally wrong and distorted, not because of the music industry.

A source close to the search Nigerian music industry show it easily. Mad rage for fame led many artists to say the garbage in the studio on the head seems to be independent of the moral implications.

Pornography in Naija songs and other music in the world is considered a social indecency in most businesses, but there is an age limit for those who access pornographic images and clips. Music knows no boundaries, both old coquettish and adolescents dance to their music.

In Nigeria today, a child can sing about flirting and drinking. Funny names for music is the fashion trend to introduce a title like “Chop bele full”, “Whiskey”, “ginger” and a series of other titles that show how proud they are artists of his destructive work. Nigerian music has no pattern, try to download a Nigerian song from one of the sites will be the trends and the number of offensive words used. These Olamide, Wizkid, MI, IcePrince or any other big name, there is no difference.

Only sing a few artists decent songs (exclusive gospel singers). Even if you say that children do not understand the lyrics, are the eyes deceiving? What explanation to be innocent when a lady give a kiss to a boy in the bathroom, in the car or wherever videos are filmed?

Artists travel to South Africa only to get sex sellers claiming to be dancers. Make breaks in the video the point of sale seems to be. Download latest Nigerian music video that are released currently, and you will see that 90% of the Nigerian music videos are pornographic.

Many young people today have caught in the world of moral decay and artistic moral decay through a non-discriminatory access to download sites. Many parents have limited their access to TV / Internet only to shape the minds of their children. And that is the right thing to do.

Believe it or not, the music industry is just a group of people who are struggling to change the course of the music.

However, it is left for the upcoming artists of today to read this and make sure they do not follow these footsteps. They should release reasonable music with videos that won’t be offensive to the eye.

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